Let’s begin

I am a digital storyteller. I build interactive experiences that inform and delight.

First, dream big. Consider the awe of immersive art exhibits like Van Gogh and Monet. Their images flow across warehouse walls. On monitors and phones, study the different ways to delight users – and convert. (All while using WebP formats for images and Core Web Vitals for page and SEO performance.)

Next, plan for measurable success. Bring out your toolkit:

  • Platforms like Drupal 10 and WordPress
  • Miro boards to collobrate ideas
  • UTM and taxonomy processes
  • Tools for task dependencies and schedules (JIRA, Asana, Basecamp, and ClickUp)
  • Gauge the wins with Events in Google Tag Manager and Analytics (GA4, of course)

Then, tell stories simply by parsing complex tales into simple parts. While writing for the web, I:

  • Check in on my Hemingway app
  • Optimize content for search
  • Create compelling narratives
  • Match word counts

Every day I try to be Steinbeck, Gladwell, and Veen – all rolled into one. Some days, they’d like to be me, too.

Hi. I’m Tom Sakell. How can I help?