I started as a writer. Along the way, I’ve pursued a lot of different interests, especially in the digital world. But I missed the writing.

So I’ve started writing again.

– Tom Sakell

Tomorrow and today
Ours is a life of perpetual interruption. We don’t always agree, but we are aligned; we are together.
The damn eulogy
An American success story. You’d think he was blessed. That he was lucky.
Riding with Tommy Bourne
With the confidence of a lone lion, I shift with the stick in my wrong hand whilst sitting in the wrong car seat and driving on the wrong side of…
Present simple messages simply
I doubt the people at Metro are bad people or don’t care about making good learning aids. They should let a designer build one good sign.
My baby just wrote me a letter
He’s happy that I’m open with him about my feelings, that I’m less angry. That I tell him about my “depressed moments.” And I do.
First, you get a paper cup. Soft-peddle your chatter. Don’t explain, just beg.
Jared Spool in action
Jared Spool makes his living showing the rest of us the “obvious” paths, providing the rest of us the a-ha moments.
Falling down, drunk
He falls smack on his back and his feet wiggle in the air. How did he not whack his head? How is he not bleeding?
Conflicting priorities
I thought this was an interesting paradox: one construction project trumping another construction project. Though both projects yield a permanent product, management prioritized the structure. Prospective mothers will hopefully be…