I started as a writer. Along the way, I’ve pursued a lot of different interests, especially in the digital world. But I missed the writing.

So I’ve started writing again.


Tomorrow and today
Ours is a life of perpetual interruption. We don’t always agree, but we are aligned; we are together.
The damn eulogy
An American success story. You’d think he was blessed. That he was lucky.
Riding with Tommy Bourne
With the confidence of a lone lion, I shift with the stick in my wrong hand whilst sitting in the wrong car seat and driving on the wrong side of…
Present simple messages simply
I doubt the people at Metro are bad people or don’t care about making good learning aids. However, they should probably talk to one designer and let that designer build…
My baby just wrote me a letter
He’s happy that I’m open with him about my feelings, that I’m less angry. That I tell him about my “depressed moments.” And I do.
Lest we forget
For Christmas, my son wrote me a letter chronicling my past year. He wrote about my dad’s death, grieving at Disney World, his coming out and his pushing me away…
First, you get a paper cup. Soft-peddle your chatter. Don’t explain, just beg.
Jared Spool in action
Jared Spool makes his living showing the rest of us the “obvious” paths, providing the rest of us the a-ha moments.
Conflicting priorities
I thought this was an interesting paradox: one construction project trumping another construction project. Though both projects yield a permanent product, management prioritized the structure. Prospective mothers will hopefully be…