Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a digital storyteller. Working in teams, I excel at connecting with an online or remote audience, teaching or explaining a concept, and collecting user feedback. With this information (and data), we adjust the story.

I mentor and coach a wide variety of talents: UX staff, coders, creative, writers and editors. I manage up precisely, presenting data, milestones, and stories to C-level teams.

I warm up cold rooms. My strong social skills generate trust with new clients and stakeholders. My teams and I create strong requirements and help new clients understand their true goals.

I’m exploring opportunities in three areas:

  1. A primary focus in digital. I want to be a driving force in a company’s success. 
  2. Collaborating within a vibrant team, eager to grow
  3. Companies with a strong mission and purpose

I warm up cold rooms. My strong social skills engender trust with new clients and stakeholders. 

Let’s talk soon.

With regards,

Tom Sakell