Hemingway used dialogue brilliantly to engage readers

Is reading your content the best part of a user’s day? Does it make you smile?

Readers give you moments to connect and convince, then they’re gone to the next tab. If only you had (free) tools to ensure your writing tone and grammar create a conversation, not a broadcast.

Try my process, using three tools to help write content that converts.

Grammarly makes your sentences better

Write a first draft against a word count, say, 150 words. Address the reader’s problem, explain a solution – and why your product is part of that solution.

Then, open Grammarly. Grammarly shows what you’ve missed: Run-on sentences, dangling participles, typos and cliches. Sometimes, marketers say, readers know what I mean. Grammarly informs, no, they don’t.

Hemingway helps simplify your text

Now, open the Hemingway Editor. Papa will show you the grade level at which you’re writing. Ideal for online readers: 6th grade. Write content a distracted reader easily understands.

(Hemingway says this content is written at the 5th-grade level.)

Your topic can be complex, but your content cannot be dense. It’s okay if your reader stops and thinks about the concept. It’s not okay if they have to think about what you mean. Reading your content should be the simplest task in your user’s day.

Think of an interested user reading your content on their phone at a kid’s soccer game. There’s a timeout on the field. This user has 60 full seconds for your content. Can you simply tell your story in 60 seconds?

Artificial Intelligence creates ideas

Chat GPT is my preferred tool for Artificial Intelligence. You can use your favorite AI agent, too. Allow AI to write your second draft (not your first, not your last). See if AI improves your phrasing or tone.

Be careful AI doesn’t add Marketingese (superfluous fluff, like, and so much more). Also, AI can add a passive voice. In writing this article, I found AI elevated the reading level to 14th grade.

Edit and evolve this draft.

Okay, you’ve used this process and free tools. Ready to hit Publish?

Revise your draft – again

No. Do it – all – one more time:

  1. Grammarly: Did you create grammar errors during your second and third drafts?
  2. Hemingway: Be certain this is the tone you seek.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Give AI one more draft. Your edited content may have inspired the agent to greatness.

Lastly, read your content aloud. Does it flow? Does it make sense? Does it make you smile?

If you’re smiling, hit Publish and get some lunch. 

– Tom Sakell

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